How to Pay

For payment of goods and services ordered in this store are available the following methods of payment:

 • cash 
 • bank transfer
 • online credit card payment or PayPal

Any order can be paid by any of the methods of payment available in this store.

Each method of payment corresponds to a service package.

Some methods of payment involve a specific cost. This cost appears distinctly on the order in the payment method cost field.

Payment method cost can contain: the value of services provided by payments providers, bank fees, etc.

For payments made in store with cash the payment method cost is 0 (null).

During checkout the customer is informed regarding the payment method cost for all the methods of payment available in this store. So the customer is able to choose the preferred method of payment.

Cash Payment

This methods of payment involve a cash transfer given by the customer as compensation for receiving goods and/or services.

A cash payment will be made only in Romanian currency (RON).

By choosing a cash payment method the customer agrees to pay the total value of the order in one single payment.


The order is fully paid by cash in our store when the products are picked up. For the amount paid the customer receives the document collection (receipt) proving the payment. The cost of in store cash payment method the payment method cost is 0 (null).


Money transfer method of payment allows customer to pay any amounts without handling cash and without using a credit card.

Money transfer is the electronic exchange, transfer of money from one account to another, either within a single financial institution or across multiple institutions, through computer-based systems.

It is a must for the customer to hold a bank account to pay by money transfer.

The payment is based on the document called money order.

The money order must be completed by the customer and submitted to the account managing bank for processing, must include the following:


Bank: Raiffeisen Bank

Swift Code: RZBRROBU

EUR IBAN account: RO32RZBR0000060024748009

Address: 5th Rozetului Street, Bucuresti

Also, the payment order must contain at the Explanations field the order number and date.

Note: For efficiency, it is recommended that the money order to be submitted to email address

By using money order method of payment the order will be charged with the cost of payment method. The cost will include the commission charged by seller's bank.

The cost will not include the commission charged by customer's bank from his account for this transaction.


All online payment methods allow the buyer to pay the amounts corresponding to the registered orders, without the need to manipulate cash, move to an institution (eg to a post office or to a banking unit) or manually fill specific forms of payment.

All online payment methods available in this store require the buyer to hold a valid bank card. The buyer can pay the amounts related to his orders and through online payment methods without having a valid bank card (for example using Internet Banking services made available by the bank where he has opened a bank account), but these methods are extensive. the store not being implemented as its own payment methods.

Online payment by bank card requires the buyer to provide card information (type of card, card number, card expiration date, security number on the back of the card (CVV2), authentication password in the Verified by Visa system or 3D password in the case of MasterCard Secure Code All information from bank card holders is transmitted in encrypted form only and is securely processed.

This store does not request or store information about your card for payment validation.

For online payment, you can use cards whose currency is any convertible currency. The store allows prices to be displayed in several currencies, the main currency being the new leu (RON).

The online payment is made in the currency selected in the store by the buyer when registering the order if it is RON or EUR and if it coincides with the currency of the used bank card. If the currency selected in the store by the buyer is different from the currency of the card that he uses for the payment of the order, or if it is other than RON or EUR, then the payment transaction will be made in new lei (RON) and will involve a automatic currency conversion.

For all the online payment methods available in this store the cost of the payment option includes the cost of the online transaction processing services and the commissions related to them. The cost of the payment option is automatically calculated based on the contents of the shopping cart and the payment method chosen by the buyer.

During the validation of the order the buyer is informed about the cost of the payment option for all online payment methods available in the store and thus has the possibility to choose the payment method he / she prefers.

Online payment by credit card via PayPal Standard service

This payment method is addressed to the holders of a Mastercard or Visa bank card and implies the full online payment of the order value.

It is not mandatory for the buyer to have a PayPal account.

By selecting this payment method, the buyer is directed to the PayPal Standard service to enter the data required to validate the payment: card type, card number, card expiration date, security number on the back of the card (CVV2), the authentication password in Verified by Visa system or 3D password in the case of MasterCard Secure Code, if the card is registered in one of the two banking security systems.

The entire transaction process is performed on PayPal servers throughout a secured encrypted HTTPS connection.

After validating the payment, the buyer will receive the payment confirmation page, which can be printed and kept as proof of the payment. At the same time, the buyer will also receive a confirmation message of the payment at the email address validated when registering in the store. After validating the payment through the PayPal Standard service, the buyer is redirected back to this store.

Online payment by credit card via PlatiOnline


You can pay online with your personal or business card, under complete security conditions. Cards accepted for payment are those issued under the VISA (Classic and Electron) and MASTERCARD (including Maestro, if they have CVV2 / CVC2 codes).

No additional transaction fee is charged.

Card data processing is done exclusively on PlatiOnline servers.

The security of your information is guaranteed by the fact that PlatiOnline does not store the confidential data of your card, but sends it encrypted on a secure connection to the processor bank. That way your information is secure.

Regardless of the currency you have in your account, the transactions are made in RON, at the exchange rate of your bank.

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