In the order validation process, the buyer can choose delivery options for the selected products or personal pick-up up from S.C. ROA Innovation Technology S.R.L. headquarters.

Personal pick-up of the order from S.C. ROA Innovation Technology S.R.L. headquarters does not involve costs.

The products are delivered sealed, in their original packaging and shipping to a certain address, indicated by the buyer when placing the order involves a certain cost that is influenced by the distance to the destination, weight and size of products delivered, and the degree of priority given to delivery .

At the request of the buyer, the products can be fully insured during transport. The cost of this insurance is borne by the buyer.

Product delivery is possible in Romania and in most countries of the world. The ordered products are delivered using the delivery method chosen by the buyer when placing the order. To find out if your country is on the list of destinations, follow the steps described on the Ordering Products page or contact one of our operators for detailed instructions.

In case of cancellation of the purchase or return of the purchased products, the cost of delivery is not refundable.

The findings regarding the integrity of the packages will be made upon delivery to the buyer, in the presence of the courier, any subsequent complaint not being considered.

Delivery date

The delivery time differs from product to product, depending on the manufacturer, the type of shipment and the shipping service chosen by the buyer.

The delivery term will be communicated to the buyer by phone or by a message sent to the email address provided upon registration on the site or in the order validation process.

Delivery cost

The cost of delivery differs depending on the presentation of the purchased product.

For the ordered products that will be picked up by the buyer from the store premises, no delivery costs are involved.

For orders that include the delivery option:

Delivery is made by shipment and involves the transport of the ordered products to the delivery address indicated in the order.

Depending on the contents of the order and the delivery address chosen, one or more shipping services may be available.

The cost of delivery is specific to the chosen shipping service.

For each available shipping service the delivery cost is calculated according to the distance and accessibility to the delivery address, the weight and dimensions of the package or packages containing the ordered products and (optionally) the cost of additional insurance of those products during transport, up to destination.

In the order validation process, an automatic estimate of the delivery cost for each available shipping service is made.

For express courier deliveries, the estimated value of the delivery cost may be adjusted, which will be communicated to the buyer by the courier company when the package is delivered.

Delivery for oversized or voluminous packages

In exceptional situations where the products in the order are oversized or voluminous, ROA reserves the right to select the transport company so that the products reach their destination in optimal conditions, this service not being extra charged in addition to the quotation received when placing the order.

Delivery of the invoice

For any completed order, the related tax invoice will be delivered in electronic format (PDF file) via a message to the buyer's email address.

At the explicit request of the buyer, the tax invoice will be physically delivered together with the ordered products to the delivery address provided by the buyer upon his registration in the store or in the order validation process.

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