Warranty conditions

  1. The warranty certificate regulates the necessary framework regarding the warranty of the products intended for road vehicles, marketed/distributed to the consumers by SC ROA Innovation Technology SRL, hereinafter referred to as products/materials;


  1. For the purposes of the certificate the terms below have the following meaning:

2.1. The „Consumer” is defined in accordance with Article 2 point 2 of GO no. 21/1992 republished, as further amended and supplemented

and Article 2 letter a) of Law no. 449/2003,

2.2. The „Supplier” is the authorized legal entity, who in the course of his/her business, markets the products placed on the market by authorized importers under the terms of a contract concluded with the consumer,

2.3. The car service unit is the economic operator which possesses the appropriate technical capability to carry out activities of repairs, maintenance and/or functional adjustment of road vehicles, of product reconditioning, as well as the activities of chassis and/or of bodywork replacement on vehicles and which, following an evaluation, has been authorized by the Romanian Automotive Register (RAR), according to OMTCT no. 2.131/2005.


  1. The products and materials referred to under point 1, placed on the market by domestic importers or manufacturers, which are bought by the consumers from the supplier or from his/her distributors, identified accordingly based on cash vouchers/tax invoices/repair estimates, shall be subject to the warranty under this certificate. The purchase documents of the products/materials subject to this warranty shall contain at least the following identification elements (identifiers): (i) name of product/material



4.1. The products have a warranty period of 12 months (except for the normal wear) for the acquisitions of the legal entities and of 24 months (except for the normal wear) for the acquisitions of the private individuals, calculated from the purchase date, unless the authorized importer/ domestic manufacturer provided otherwise, respectively:

- Pedders shock absorbers & springs: 24 months or 40,000 kilometers warranty;

- steel shields, steel winch supports, steel bull bars, steel front & rear bars, steel spare wheel support, roof racks and other steel products: 6 months anti-corrosion warranty;

- race chip: 12 months regardless of the fiscal nature of the consumer.

4.2. The warranty is granted for lack of conformity and/or latent defects.

4.3. For any lack of conformity during the warranty period and/or latent defects occurring during the warranty period of the product or of the material SC ROA Innovation Technology SRL hereby undertakes to the consumer to replace or repair the purchased product, without requiring any additional costs, or to refund the price paid by the consumer according to the warranty offered by the authorized importer/the domestic manufacturer.

4.4. The warranty for the workmanship is of 3 months from the invoice issue date which includes the workmanship.



5.1. The warranty granted by this certificate does not affect the rights of the consumer.

5.2. The legitimate rights of the consumer are set out in chapter III, Articles 9-14 of Law no. 449/2003 regarding product sales and corresponding warranties, Ordinance no. 21/1992 regarding Consumer Protection, Law no. 296/2004 regarding the Consumer Code.



6.1. In case of lack of conformity/ latent defects found /presenting themselves (appeared) during the warranty/validity period of the product or of the material, the consumer may request its repair or replacement.

6.2. The warranty period shall be extended by the time elapsed from the date of the handover of the product/material to the Seller or the car service unit until the date of the repair/replacement of the product. The extension of the warranty period shall be entered in the repair/replacement sheet.

6.3. The warranty claim (for granting the warranty) shall be addressed to SC ROA Innovation Technology SRL or shall be submitted to the supplier or the car service unit from which he/she bought the product or the material mentioned in the purchase documents from point 3, accompanied by the following documents:

  1. copy of the tax invoice/cash voucher of the product/material issued by the Seller;
  2. copy of the mounting/installation/repair cost estimate of the product/material and the cash voucher/tax invoice issued by the car service unit;
  3. the warranty certificate of the product/material, in original, properly filled in, signed by the supplier and the consumer;
  4. copy of the registration certificate or the identity card of the vehicle whose product or material is subject to the warranty;
  5. copy of the document which attests the validity of the periodic technical inspection of the vehicle;
  6. the inspection report regarding the lack of conformity or the latent defect of the product/material issued by the car service unit if the work was performed by a different car service unit.

6.4. If the warranty claim is well-founded (substantiated), SC ROA Innovation Technology SRL shall repair/replace within 30 calendar days from the submission date of the warranty claim, the non-compliant products/materials through the supplier or the car service unit from which they were purchased by the consumer.

6.5. In case of a warranty claim in which latent defects are being invoked, SC ROA Innovation Technology SRL shall repair/replace the products/materials within 30 calendar days of the completion of the technical expertise carried out according to Article 13 para. (2) of GO no. 21/1992, if the manufacturer or the competent technical body which conducted the expertise established the existence of these defects.

6.6. If for various reasons, SC ROA Innovation Technology SRL cannot (repair or replace) ensure the repair or the replacement of the non-compliant products/materials or of the products/materials with latent defects, it shall grant the consumer equivalent reparatory measures according to Article 11 of Law no.449/2003.

6.7. If the warranty claim is unfounded, the consumer shall bear the expenses with the inspection/expert evaluation of the product/material claimed as non-compliant or with latent defects.

6.8. The postal costs, transport, handling, costs with the materials used and packaging costs, demounting-mounting costs, workmanship costs regarding the product which is the object of the guarantee it is not the responsibility of S.C. ROA Innovation Technology S.R.L.

6.8. The products and materials replaced during the warranty period become the property of SC ROA Innovation Technology SRL and shall be handed over by the consumer to the seller or the car service unit.



7.1. The product/material purchased by the consumer has not been placed on the market by SC ROA Innovation Technology SRL.

7.2. The consumer ordered the wrong product or supplied wrong identification data.

7.3. The consumer does not request the warranty within the deadline mentioned in this certificate or does not submit any of the documents set out under point 6.3 letter a-f, or they are wrongly, incompletely or inadequately filled in.

7.4. The consumer has lost the warranty certificate.

7.5. The product/material was used for other purposes or on other vehicles than those indicated by the supplier.

7.6. The products have a normal wear and tear due to functioning.

7.7. The products were not mounted/installed/adjusted/checked in an authorized car service unit according to the provisions of point 2.3 of this certificate or these operations were (made) performed without adequate tools or devices, without observing the work technology established by the vehicle constructor or the manufacturer of the product.

7.8. At the end of the repairs the car service unit has not performed the checking, calibration, adjustment operations imposed by the vehicle constructor or the manufacturer of the products.

7.9. The product was incorrectly mounted or was mounted with worn-out parts non-compliant with the manufacturer specifications or they were modified.

7.10. The wear or the defect of the product is due to overstress, inadequate maintenance or adjustments/periodic checks or (due to) the unauthorized interventions on the product during the warranty period.

7.11. The product exhibits traces of hits, mechanical shocks, scratches, ruptures, cracks, bends, deformations, which are not imputable to it or suffered the action of factors external to the normal operation process;

7.12. The vehicle on which the product has been mounted was involved in a car accident or suffered damages caused by external factors, weather conditions or any other kind of factors (thermal, electric, mechanical shocks).

7.13. The vehicle on which the product was mounted has been used for other purposes than those set out by the constructor or has been exploited in inadequate conditions: (start with robot) robot starting or starting by towing, exceeding the maximum permitted weight, sports competitions, car races or its installations and systems were modified.

7.14 For cars used in special regime: taxi, vehicles for transport of persons and merchandise, ambulance, police cars, driving school cars, the warranty period is reduced to 3 (three) months for the whole range of products.

7.15. The unauthorized installation on the vehicle of other equipment/accessories than the factory fitting.

7.16. Deterioration or destruction of the product by the fault of the consumer because of the transport, inadequate handling, storage, keeping, use, exploitation or contact with aggressive chemical products or of the vicinity of heat sources.

7.17. The serial number/marking/constructive code or the identification code of the product has been erased or has hand-made marks or stampings.

7.18. The demounting in components or subassemblies of the products or the deterioration of the seals applied by the manufacturer, where applicable.

7.19. The vehicle (has) exhibits deficiencies of the steering, braking, suspension, cooling, air conditioning, electric systems, etc.

7.20. Inadequate exploitation of the vehicle by: non-performance of the run-ins, exceeding of the thermal regime, of the maximum permitted speed.

7.21. The breakdown of products because of the existence of alien bodies, dust, grime in the operational areas (e.g. the greasing system, the hydraulic system, admission system etc.)

7.22. Failure to observe the period and schedule of the technical revisions established by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

7.23. The vehicle for which the product was intended is not registered or the periodic technical inspection expired before the incidence of the warranty case.



8.1. The warranty granted by this certificate does not extend to goods other than the car parts offered within the promotional campaigns.


9.1. All products sold by S.C. ROA Innovation Technology S.R.L. are intended to modify Dacia / Renault Duster cars in order to improve their Off road performance, as a result, any available certification is listed on the corresponding products and any other certification cannot be made available.

9.2. Improper use on public roads of products that are not intended for this purpose is strictly the fault of the consumer.

9.3. The products have to be installed in specialized workshops (authorized service units). We will take all necessary steps to support the activity of these units but we do not assume in any way their training or the provision of explanatory materials for installation.

9.4. It is totally contraindicated to install the products on your own.


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