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Terms and conditions of use

General information

Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions of use of this site, presented below, as its use implies your acceptance.

As the owner and administrator of this site, C.N.B. Innovation Technology SRL reserves the right to modify and update, without any prior notification, the content, as well as the Terms and conditions of use. Therefore, please regularly access this section to verify the Terms and Conditions of Use that you have agreed to abide by.

The following terms shall be defined as follows:

  • site - the name of the Internet site that contains this online store
  • buyer - any natural or legal person who, through the site or through the means of contact displayed on the site, placed an order
  • seller - trading company C.N.B. Innovation Technology SRL, having the identification data specified in the Contact section
  • order - firm demand for goods and / or services, whereby the seller agrees to deliver the ordered goods and / or to provide the requested services, and the buyer agrees to accept and pay for them
  • goods and / or services - any product and / or service displayed on the site

Contract documents

The commercial transactions between the seller and the buyer are subject to the Romanian legislation and are regulated by the distance commercial contract within the meaning of the Government Ordinance no.130 / 2000 regarding the protection of consumers at the conclusion and execution of the distance contracts, with the subsequent modifications and completions.

The distance commercial contract consists of:

  • terms and conditions of use (this document)
  • buyer and seller identification information
  • information regarding the goods and / or services ordered
  • the information regarding the payment of the ordered goods and / or services
  • the information regarding their delivery / delivery

The remote commercial contract enters into force when the seller confirms the order.

The buyer agrees to the means of communication with the seller made available to him (telephone, email, postal address, communication through the site).

Rights and obligations

According to the legislation in force, for the goods ordered and / or the services provided, the seller will draw up a tax invoice. The fiscal invoice is the proof of ownership of the goods and / or the proof of the provision of services and will be presented by the buyer whenever required.

The invoice will contain the identification data of the buyer provided by him when placing the order. The buyer is responsible for the correct provision of his data, bearing the risks arising from it: late delivery, additional transport costs, etc.

Payment and delivery terms will be specified in the order. in the event that the seller, for reasons that may or may not be imputed to him, delivers the goods and / or services delayed, he will inform the buyer about the estimated delivery time.

The buyer undertakes to pay the amounts agreed in agreement with the seller for the placed orders and within the established deadlines.

The delivery of the orders to the address indicated by the buyer when placing the order will be done through a courier approved by the seller.

The seller will ensure that the goods delivered are packed properly and are accompanied by the related documents.

According to the legislation in force, the buyer has the right to return within 10 days after delivery the purchased goods, provided they are intact and complete, without traces of use, destruction, without traces of assembly, etc. The buyer is entitled to claim compensation for the partial or total breach of the contract due to the seller, according to the law.

Intellectual and commercial property rights

The seller is the owner and administrator of the site and holds over it all the rights arising from these qualities. In the absence of other details, on the materials presented on the site (texts, images, videos, photos, etc.) the seller has either a property right or a license to use.

Commercial use of the seller name, domain www.mudstershop.com and www.mudster.ro or the seller's logo, in direct or hidden form, of the meta tag type, web search, but not limited to them, is allowed only with explicit agreement of the seller.

The use without the seller's consent of the materials displayed on the site and / or the trademarks owned by it is punished according to the legislation in force.

The seller respects the intellectual property rights of others. If you believe that your intellectual property right has been infringed, please notify the seller of a notice that includes:

  • your first and last name, physical or electronic signature and stamp (where applicable), as the holder of the intellectual property right or as an authorized person to represent the holder of the intellectual property right
  • a description of the materials whose intellectual property rights you consider to have been infringed and an indication of their location on the site
  • your contact details (address, phone number, email address)
  • the statement on your own responsibility that you assert that the use of the intellectual property right has not been authorized by its owner
  • the notarial statement on your own responsibility that you act in good faith, that the notification is complete and correct and that you are the copyright holder or that you act on its behalf.

License to use

The seller grants a limited, revocable and non-exclusive license to visit and / or access the site, without the possibility to make functional changes on it. under this license it is allowed to create a hyperlink to the original web page of the site as long as the description of this reference is not false or detrimental to the seller.

The copying, duplication, reproduction, resale and / or exploitation for commercial purposes of the information displayed on the site is possible only with the explicit agreement of the seller. Infringement of these terms gives the seller the right to immediately revoke the license granted and to sue the wrong-doer party in order to obtain damages.

Performing unauthorized operations on this site, as well as attempting to perform them, including but not limited to: abusive use, fraudulent use, unauthorized access, use of information for commercial purposes, blocking access, etc., will be punished according to the law.

The use of data-mining techniques, robots or similar technologies that allow the extraction of protected information within the site, such as user account information, commercial orders, etc., is strictly forbidden.


The seller expresses a continuous concern to respect the privacy and confidentiality of information regarding his partners. All personal information of the users (eg: name, age, gender, date of birth, domicile, etc.) have a special use regime within the site, their use being made in strict compliance with the conditions described in Privacy policy.

The seller is not responsible for disclosing information about your user account (username and password) to third parties. If you suspect that the integrity of your user account information has been compromised for various reasons, whether or not you are responsible, please notify us with the highest priority, in order to block access to that account and to create a new user account.

The content described on the Privacy Policy page completes the Terms and Conditions of Use.


The users of the site may send comments, suggestions, ideas or comments regarding the structure and / or the content of the site as long as their content does not affect the privacy, does not carry out political or electoral campaigns, is not illegal, obscene, threatening or defamatory, does not affect the rights of intellectual and / or commercial property of the seller or third parties and does not contain viruses, mass emails or any other form of spam.

It is also forbidden to use false email addresses or impersonate other persons or entities. The Seller reserves the right, without assuming the obligation, to remove or correct any such information transmitted.

Unless otherwise specified, by submitting such information (comments, suggestions, ideas or comments, etc.), grant the seller and its partners the license, the free, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable and sub-licensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, derive, distribute or display both the information and the name you submitted in conjunction with the information, on any media, anywhere in the world. You also declare and warrant that you own or control all intellectual property rights with respect to the information transmitted, that they are correct and that their use does not conflict with the Terms and conditions of use, that they will not cause harm to a third party and that you will fully compensate the seller or its partners for all requests resulting from the information thus transmitted.

Protection of minors

The seller does not sell goods and / or services to minors. The seller may sell or collect the value of certain goods and / or services intended for minors, if they are purchased by an adult. If you are a minor and access the site, you can do so only if you are under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

Guarantee of goods

All the products marketed by the seller benefit from warranty conditions according to the warranty policies adopted by their manufacturers and according to the legislation in force.

The guarantee conditions are granted only on the basis of the guarantee certificate sent to the buyer once the ordered products are delivered. The lack of the guarantee certificate leads to the impossibility of granting the guarantee. The lack of the guarantee certificate must be reported within 24 hours of receipt of the products.

Transfer of ownership and risks

The property and the risks on the goods are transmitted from the seller to the buyer on the date of delivery of the respective goods and with the signature by the buyer or a representative thereof of the invoices issued by the seller or of the transport documents issued by the courier in charge of delivering the goods.

The goods will be delivered, as the case may be, accompanied by the following documents: invoice, guarantee certificate, quality certificate, certificate of origin, technical instructions, etc.

The seller assumes no responsibility for the improper use or loss of the goods delivered to the buyer or if the buyer has allowed the unauthorized persons to intervene on the respective goods. liability

The information presented on this site is informative. Although the seller makes the effort to present the most relevant information, they may be incomplete.

The Seller cannot be held responsible for the buyer's decision to order products and / or services from this site based on the information presented.

Any opinion about a product or service that contains inappropriate language or opinion that harms the company's image will be ignored or excluded from the site without further justification.

In order to fulfill the contractual obligations, the seller may assign and / or subcontract part of his activities to a third party, without the need of the buyer's agreement. The buyer has the right to be informed about this aspect.

Major force

in the case of force majeure, thereby understanding any unforeseeable and unavoidable event, and which prevents the execution in whole or in part of this contract, the party invoking it is exempted from liability, according to the law. For the purposes of this clause, circumstances such as: war, revolution, earthquake, major floods, embargo, general strikes, etc. are considered as force majeure. disputes

The terms and conditions of use of the site are subject to Romanian law. Any dispute between the seller and the buyer will preferably be resolved by amicable negotiation between the parties, within 30 days of its occurrence. In the event that the parties do not reach a common agreement, any dispute will be finally resolved by the competent court near the seller's premises.